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Android Spyware user Guide

Spy Software Installation for Android Devices

Mobile Spy Android SpywareWelcome to the installation page for your Android device. This guide assumes you have already made your account on the Mobile Spy server as described in the User Guide.

NOTE: This new build introduces the ability to view all PHOTOS & VIDEOS taken by the device! In addition, it will also log all new CONTACTS and CALENDAR EVENTS!

After you have created your username and password, you should perform these steps below. You will NOT need to connect your phone to your computer to install.

1. First thing, you will need to install the correct built of Mobile Spy for your Android operating system. To check to see what version of the Android OS is installed on the phone, go to your Settings menu, then the About Phone tab, then scroll down to the Firmware Version field. This is the version of the operating system installed on the phone. You will need this information for Step #4 of this installation guide.

Android Spyware Installation

2. Next, you will want to enable your Android device to install non-Market applications. To do so, on your Home screen, tap Settings . Then tap Applications .

3. On this next screen, tap the checkbox next to Unknown Sources to allow the installation of non-Market applications. The check inside the box will fill with color once this is done.

After this is done, return to your Home screen. Once you return to your Home screen, tap on the Browser icon to bring up your internet browser.

4. Now you will need to download the correct version of Mobile Spy that is designed for your version of the Android operating system. In the address bar, type in the appropriate URL address for the version of Mobile Spy you need from the list.

For Android OS version 1.5, type:

For Android OS version 1.6, type:

For Android OS version 2.0, type:

For Android OS version 2.1, type:

Android Spyware Installation

Once you have typed in the appropriate URL address of Mobile Spy for your particular Android OS version, tap Go.

5. After tapping Go, Mobile Spy will automatically download onto your Android device.

Android Spyware Installation

6. Once the download is complete, tap on the completed Smartphone entry to begin the installation.

Android Spyware Installation

7. On this next screen, Mobile Spy will ask to proceed with the installation. Tap Install to begin.

Android Spyware Installation

8. Mobile Spy will now install. This next screen will appear showing the installation progress.

Android Spyware Installation

9. Once Mobile Spy is completely installed, this final screen will appear. Tap Done to exit the installation.

Android Spyware Installation

10. Once the installation is complete and you return to your Home screen, you MUST POWER DOWN the phone and wait 30 seconds. Then, POWER THE DEVICE BACK ON so that Mobile Spy will start up. All you have left to do is to configure the monitoring features of Mobile Spy to fit your needs. These instructions are on the following page:


To make changes to the user/password just dial the digits again: *12345#

You can also change the *12345# to anything you wish by pressing MENU > Configure > Change PIN command.


These instructions will be sent to our customers.

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